Lenders Can Make or Break Your Deal

Buying a home - select a great lender

You Need a Great Lender

You really do. If you need to borrow money to purchase a new home you are going to need to have the best. The right lender will make sure that everything falls into place in a timely manner. The approvals, appraisals, and acceptance all hinge on the lender.

Keller Mortgage

Keller Mortgage may be just what you need. They have a fabulous ZeroPlus program where you get Zero Origination Fees, Zero Lender Fees, and possibly a credit at closing. You can read more about how you could save $5,000 to $10,000 here. You can also start your process here to see how much your savings will be.

Local Lenders

My experience has shown that a great lender makes all the difference in your transaction.  I can tell you that each local lender on this list has helped my clients and is highly recommended.

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