Do You Know About Caring Transitions?


Senior Relocation – Downsizing – Estate Sales

These are just a few of the services provided by Caring Transitions. I recently interviewed Donna Rea, the owner of Caring Transitions North Dallas Suburbs, and was amazed by the extent of services this company offers. They plan and execute everything. 

When downsizing, facing a lifetime’s worth of items can be overwhelming. They help families avoid the stress of transitioning by handling the process from start to finish. They help with sorting, decluttering, and organizing. They help plan relocations. They pack, move and unpack and even make beds and help their clients settle in. 

Additional Services Provided:

  • Liquidation Services
  • Probate Solutions
  • Help with home repairs

They Make It Easy

Caring Transitions is a total solutions provider in senior move management. They are certified, bonded, and insured. They are part of a nationwide network so you can get help with both local and national moving. Give Donna a call today! 214-504-1650 or visit them on the web

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My tour of One Bethany in Allen

Last month I was able to snag a brief tour of the new One Bethany East building in Allen. This modern office building opened its doors last year. Several companies have moved into the new space including Boss Fight Entertainment, Thrivent Financial Group, and Credit Union of Texas also known as CUTX.


They have a fresh and modern look in the building, plenty of conference rooms and shared spaces, and an awesome fitness center for the building’s tenants.




I got an up-close tour of the CUTX facilities as well as a general tour of the shared spaces in the building. This is the CUTX lobby. It is very impressive!



CUTX opened its doors in 1931 when a group of Texas educators founded it. They are a community-based organization dedicating time and resources to teachers/education, veterans, and first-responders.  Last year, CUTX moved their headquarters from Dallas to Allen and they have branches all over the DFW metroplex.  They occupy the 4th & 5th floors of the One Bethany building and will eventually open a branch in the lobby. 


Supporting the Community


All artwork in the One Bethany building is from Allen High School art students. The developers of the building purchased the art and honored the students at an unveiling event.








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Hold The Door

Entry Doors Remain A Savvy Home Improvement

Each year, the Hanley Wood Media Inc. releases its ( Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report. This is where they list various home improvements and score them on return on investment. Entry door replacement has always been a winner when it comes to improving your home’s value. This year, they are giving it an 85% ROI!

Take a look at our latest installment on home improvement. We visited Seconds & Surplus in Lewisville to review the types of doors available and break down the pros and cons of each type. 

Watch it to the end! We had a LOT of bloopers for this one. 🙊



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We Ended The Decade Big!

Take a Look at the Year-End Market Data

A Year In Review

2019 was another great year in real estate. We continue to see the market operating in a balanced mode. This is great news for both buyers and sellers. 

What does the data mean for 2020?

We have studied the data and the number one thing we learned from 2019 is that current buyers are very picky. Therefore, our focus in 2020 will be to help you to improve your home’s value. Whether you plan to sell your house this year, or stay in it for the long-haul, there are some smart improvements you can make.

Our last post gave you plenty of tips on how to make improvements to your bathroom. Kitchens and baths sell a home and in this market – you need to be ready to compete! 

Latest Market Indicators


Let’s not forget about our December numbers. Check out the guide below to see how Collin County performed in December 2019. 

Are You Ready to Make a Move?

Are you thinking of selling your home soon? Want to know how to market your home so you can get it sold quickly? We’ve got tips and strategies to help you succeed. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check out how over 100 people agree!  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Give us a call.


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To Update or Sell As Is? That is the question.

Upgrades To Increase The Value Of Your Home

You have probably heard the old adage🏠 “kitchens & bathrooms sell a home!” 🏠This has never been truer than now. The real estate market has shifted, and the style and condition of a home are fundamental to buyers.

Bathroom Updates

Let’s chat about bathroom updates and upgrades and see how they can improve the resale value of your home. A universal mid-range bathroom remodel will give you about a 70% return on your investment, according to the Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value Report ( Now 70% is a reasonably decent return on your investment.

However, you may be thinking, if I plan on selling my home, wouldn’t I actually be losing money? Wouldn’t I be better off letting the buyer make those updates? Can’t I simply discount my sales price to compensate for an outdated bathroom?

💸💸Generally, the buyer’s opinion of the cost of the updates is usually well above the actual price.💸💸

Why a homeowner must make smart decisions when it comes to bathroom remodels…

You must understand and react to your home’s competition. You want to avoid leaving your house in a situation that will drive buyers to all the other homes on the market. You could face steep discounts for the lack of upgrades. Additionally, you could see your house stay on the market for a very long time. We have watched the days on the market creep up over the past few years. Inventories have risen, and the competition is fierce. Buyers are very picky, and the most common feedback we get from them is that they are not buying a property because it needs too many updates.🏚️

Making The Smart Choice 🤔

We’ve created a hierarchy of updates you should make to your bathroom. If you are planning to sell, you should consider the first two levels of upgrades. This would include a deep clean of grout and tile, caulking, removing wallpaper, painting walls, updating faucets, lighting, and fixtures. It could also include painting the cabinets and adding drawer/cabinet pulls. Bring us in early in your planning process to help you make the smartest choices to appeal to buyers.

Once You’ve Updated – Stage it!

Once you have made the best choices for updating your bathroom, stage it like a pro. We just love the ideas that are set forth in this article by Houzz. Get inspired: click here.

📞 Call us when you are ready to sell!

Are you thinking of selling your home soon? Want to know the most significant improvements you can make to get your home sold quickly? We’ve got tips and strategies to help you succeed. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check out how over 100 people agree!  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Give us a call.

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What is a Buy Box?

The iBuyer Buy-Box


My last blog introduced the iBuyer concept. Check it out to see how these companies work and how they compare to traditional home sales.

These investment companies put a restriction on the types of houses they purchase. This is called a buy-box. In other words, it is a list of criteria that the property must meet to be eligible for purchase. The buy-box includes the location of the home – they are only in a few select markets. Most iBuyer companies have a ceiling on the maximum value of the house. (Offerpad has a maximum of $400,000 in DFW and OpenDoor has a maximum of $300,000) Some companies will not purchase a home if it is on a septic system. Other criteria might include the age of the house, HOA costs, and restrictions such as an age-restricted community, or a gated community. Most of them also have a limit on the size of the lot.

Weighing the Pros and the Cons

The buy-box is one of the pitfalls of these programs. You can’t blame the investors. They are in business to make money. They need to purchase homes that they can sell.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, these programs are great for some circumstances. I think it is essential to weigh the pros and cons of selling your home to an iBuyer. Below are just a few.

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iBuyer Beware

The Cost of Convenience

What is an iBuyer?

An iBuyer, or Instant Buyer, is an investor or an investment company that uses technology to make an offer on a home instantly. They pay cash for the home and close quickly.  The iBuyer program has gained a lot of momentum lately. They offer a simpler and more convenient alternative to the traditional home sale. 

Who are the iBuyers?

The iBuyer market has gotten crowded recently – that only happens when the idea is successful. You may recognize some of the more prominent players: Opendoor, OfferPad, Zillow, Perch, etc. These companies purchase homes directly from the seller, make repairs and necessary updates, and then turn around and sell the houses for a profit.

iBuyers only work in a few select markets. Markets must be active for them to be successful. They also put restrictive parameters on the homes that they will buy. These restrictions are on the size and age of the house. They also enforce a price-limiting window; like nothing over $400,000 in DFW.

How does the iBuying Process Work?

The process is relatively simple. A homeowner requests an offer from the iBuyer. The iBuyer estimates the value of the home and makes an “instant” offer. If the homeowner accepts the offer, the iBuyer has the home inspected and comes back to the seller with further demand for money to cover repairs.  If the seller accepts everything, the closing is scheduled and completed in the desired timeframe. 

Sellers find that these iBuyer programs offer prices are lower than traditional home sales and that the fees and expenses are higher. This is the price the seller pays for the convenience. The iBuyer is in business to make money. They will make a profit on the home.

Why would someone use an iBuyer?

So why would a seller choose to sell through an iBuyer program? Often homeowners are unable to make a house ready for market. They struggle with an elderly parent or sick family member that makes leaving home for a showing impossible. Some cannot handle the stress of having their house “show ready” or need to sell quickly to settle an estate. Whatever the reason, these are people willing to leave a lot of money on the table in trade for the convenience.

Want to know more?

How can I help? Glad you asked. Keller Williams has partnered with Offer Pad to help our clients decide. Our program, called Keller Offers, is available in our market. As a certified Keller Offers agent, I can bring you an offer before you decide to list your home. We can compare this offer against other iBuyer programs as well as the traditional sale of your house. Armed with all the data you need, you can make an informed and qualified decision on the best way to get your home sold.

How do the iBuyer offers stack up??

Here is a real-world example. 

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Nerd Alert – The Numbers Are In!

3rd Quarter 2019

Real Estate Statistics For 3rd Quarter 2019

Quarterly stats are here – and you know I like to “geek out” on this stuff!


What do the numbers mean for YOU and YOUR biggest investment? 🤓

Below is a quick snapshot of the real estate market for Collin County….

End of 3rd Quarter Market Stats:

👉Homes for sale was at 4450, ⬇️ 10% from last year.

👉Months supply of inventory is 3.35, ⬇️ 4% from last year. 

👉Average days on market ended at 58 days⬆️ 21%.

👉Average Sales Price in Collin County was $372,755⬆️ 2%.


2019 Year to Date Stats Compared to 2018:

👉New listings are ⬇️ 1.5%.

👉Closed/sold homes is ⬆️ .5%.

👉Average sales price is ⬆️ 2.2%.

👉Days on market is ⬆️ 27.7% 



Every area is different so if you know someone who is thinking of making a move this 🍂fall, give me a shout and I’d be happy to do a detailed report for their specific neighborhood and price range.

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Looking For Something New?

🏘️Search New Construction Homes in DFW 

Are you wanting a new construction home but are unsure where to find it? This website lets you search for new construction by city, zip code, school district, price, etc. 

⏲️ Before You Get Out There…

Let me stress to you how important it is to have a REALTOR® assist you when buying a new home. The sales consultant in the model home represents the builder – not the buyer. Make sure you are making a sound investment – let the builder know that I represent you. Do this at the very first visit you have at a model!

👇Start Here: 

You can search right from this website! Just enter your criteria below and check out all the latest new construction homes around.


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